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What should birth look like in Los Alamos County?

newborn baby cradled against mother's chest and supported by mother's and father's hands; image copyright Jessica Benge Photography. Used with Permission.

Nationwide, many rural hospitals have closed their obstetric and infant service programs or limited their services due to economic pressures and staffing challenges. Rural communities in New Mexico, including Los Alamos, face these same issues. Regardless of the issues and politics affecting rural healthcare, residents of rural communities continue to have high expectations of local care options, the diversity of options, and how care is provided. Understanding those expectations comes through questions and answers, not guessing.

Now anyone can confidentially share their birth care needs and wants: Ten Moons Collective has created a survey to foster an understanding of what people would like birth care to look like in Los Alamos County. The results will be shared with community stakeholders, including you, the Los Alamos County Council, Los Alamos Community Health Council (LACHC), BabyNet Subcommittee of the LACHC, Los Alamos Medical Center, and others. Your voice, your vision, is the most valuable part of this process.

Your voice and your vision are needed if you or someone you love: has given birth, are planning to become a parent, have supported someone giving birth, are a grandparent or other person supporting a family with young children, advocates for or works with birthing families. Anyone with an opinion about birth can participate.

A giveaway has been arranged that survey respondents can opt into with the very generous support of these local businesses: Vintage Hair Co, Jessica Benge Photography, Tribe Yoga and Wellness, and Windgate Healing Arts.

Take the survey at: http://tenmoonscollective.com/survey/lacbirthsurvey.htm. The survey is open through November 25 and takes 10 minutes or so to complete. The results will be kept anonymous and shared with the community. Neither Ten Moons Collective nor its members are receiving any compensation for the administration of the survey or for publishing the results.

Your voice is important in shaping our community’s maternity & infant care. We are listening.

Ten Moons Collective is a group of Los Alamos County birth workers and advocates supporting local families in their birth experiences. Find the Collective at tenmoonscollective.com and on Facebook, www.facebook.com/TenMoonsCollective/. Inquiries about the survey can be sent to LACbirthsurvey@gmail.com.

The beautiful newborn photography is used with permission and the image is Copyright © Jessica Benge Photography.

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