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Alyssa Reeves

Infant Feeding Group Peer Facilitator

The Los Alamos Infant Feeding Support Group is an experience based chat group hosted by Los Alamos Family Strengths Network and co-facilitated by Alyssa Reeves and Kathryn Hall. The Group is open to all care givers of infants. The group is designed to help caregivers reach their goal for feeding their baby, be it breastfeeding, or bottle feeding with breast milk or formula, and starting solids. The goal of this group is for caregivers to be able to have a safe place to learn about healthy ways to feed their infant in a way that works for their family.

Alyssa is mom to 3 beautiful children, toddler twin boys and a baby girl. She works part-time at LANL as a mechanical engineer, and loves skiing, sewing, woodworking, and spending time with her family.

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Find the group on Facebook: Los Alamos Infant Feeding Support Group

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