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Karen Brown

Birth Doula, Sibling Doula, Birth Talk Los Alamos Co-facilitator, Fertility Awareness Coach

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Karen has birthed three babies into the world with her sweet husband. Becoming pregnant for the first time in 2007 was the beginning of more than motherhood. As each baby grew and then was birthed, a parallel interest and a deep need to support mothers and families through this amazing transition was also born and has continued to grow. She has been supporting families through their own birthing transitions since 2007, and has been attending births since 2012.

In Karen's work as a doula, she is focused on supporting a positive experience for the birthing person, the birthing and parenting partner(s), and the baby's (or babies') older siblings. Her desire is to help clients meet their goals for their birth experience through positive support and encouragement towards confident decision making in collaboration with healthcare providers. It is an honor to be invited to make the journey along with her clients through their childbearing and into their parenting experience, however the path may appear or turn out to be. Karen enjoys serving all birthing people and their families, and has a special interest in working with families who seek physiological birth experiences, families choosing to release the baby to an adoptive family, and families faced with the loss of their baby. She believes that mortal transitions, brimming over with deep emotions and challenges for everyone involved, can provide a rich and joy-filled experience that honors families and their traditions.

Birth work interests lead to a deeper interest and understanding of the work that comes before in becoming pregnant (or avoiding pregnancy). Are you interested in learning about how to chart your fertility signs or building a fertility awareness practice? Karen is happy to talk about charting to conceive or to delay conception and fertility awareness with those who have an established practice, are just getting started, or anywhere in between. Please get in touch if this is an area of personal and body awareness you are excited about and want support in.

Training experiences for Karen include attending toLabor's doula training workshop in 2009 and sponsoring the workshop, attending again, in 2012. She has had extensive study and training in fertility awareness education and has been a member of the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals. Karen is pleased to serve as a co-facilitator for a community talk circle, Birth Talk Los Alamos, since she and Cathleen Hewlett-Masser co-founded the circle in 2011. From 2016 through August 2019, Erin Tatge co-facilitated the circle with Karen. Karen enjoys continuing to serve in this capacity with Kathryn Hall, who stepped into the co-facilitator roll in September 2019. Karen has also served in two consecutive term as a consumer member on the state of New Mexico's Licensed Midwifery Advisory Board (2013-2018) and is wondering how long one must wait to serve again. Karen received a bachelor's of science degree and happily put it to use for many years of supporting global climate change research and environmental science (ecological transitions!) from the streams of the Midwest to the Northwoods of Wisconsin to the boreal forest in Manitoba, Canada to the deserts and mountains of the Southwest. Karen has been happy to call New Mexico home since 2005.

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